Help Please- Event not working after Export

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  • Hello everyone!

    I am very new to Construct and am running into a slight, yet massive problem that I cannot seem to overcome, and am wondering if anyone can help.

    I have created an event in which the game pauses, plays a short sound clip, and then unpauses after the sound clip finishes. The events are as follows:

    -Player (on collision with Object): Set Timescale to 0

                                        Play SoundFile (Sound1)

    -Audio (Sound1 Ended): Set TimeScale to 1

    Now, this works correctly when previewed in browser from Construct 2, as well as when exported to HTML5 website and run from the hard drive by dragging the Index.html file into a browser when not connected to the internet.

    The problem occurs after I've uploaded it all to a website and am trying to play it from there. The game launches, and everything is running smoothly, until I hit the object. The game pauses, plays the sound file, but then never unpauses. It just sits there paused forever. No error messages, nothing. This happens with Chrome and Firefox, but not Opera. I would suggest using Opera, but when run in Opera, things are jagged and jumpy, with FPS hits occasionally. It just generally isn't very smooth or playable.

    Is there any rhyme or reason for this? I have updated browsers, drivers, java, Construct to the newest release yesterday, everything I can think of, and this problem occurs on every machine I've tested it on(15 + machines).

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  • Thanks guys for taking a look, but I just made a workaround instead, whereby I stopped individual objects timescales that were in the layout, rather than the whole layout itself. That seemed to fix the problem.

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