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  • Like 2 years ago in the youtube there was a video of unfinished game project (at that time) made in construct, the art style was more reddish , a lot of red colors , it was arcade game (with a character running on the ground, not universe), also remember that there were some little flowers at the background with fire inside etc, I liked that art style and want to show it to my friend (art designer) to explain to him what art I wanna see in my game, please if anyone knows the name of that video or exact link, help me I will thank u till the end of the times )))

    Already lost like 2 hours trying to find it and without results.

    Sorry for my bad English and ty for help or a attempt to help

  • I would start here:

    Good luck!

  • Thanx its better than nothing but 150 pages O_O

  • Well, I mean, you're not giving much to go by. The only game remotely close that I can think of off the top of my head would be Jack B. Nimble.

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  • This HAS to be the game:

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  • it was arcade game (with a character running on the ground, not universe)


  • > it was arcade game (with a character running on the ground, not universe)



    There was a character (I guess with a mask on the face) that was running jumping etc, there was something Asian in this game , the character or name of the game, it was 2 years ago so I forgot details but for sure there was the most beautiful graphics from all construct games I ever seen and that game was not compleet yet ( at least 2 years ago )

    Also red color was dominant in this game grphics , almost everything ( ground , trees) was painted in different vriations andtones of red color

    Sorry for bad Englih

  • Have you tried browsing through your youtube history or liked videos etc? Maybe it's still in there?

  • I did browse through my favorited and liked, but through 2 years of history ? Even if they do store years of hstory I wont do it, it will take ages, I did watch a tons ofvideos in the last 2 years.Im loosing hope that I will find it, that video may be deleted dunno, its impossible that nobody here saw that game since graphics were amazing for construct game

  • They do keep watch history for that long, and you can search your watch history as well, you don't have to browse through everything. It's likely the only way you're going to find what you're looking for.

  • You know, I think I may have found your video... Developed in C2, has flowers with fire in them, platformer guy with a mask, red color scheme and asian name.

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  • I did use histoy search bar and it does not show up 2 years old construct videos that I did watch for sure

  • Ok... But I found your video so it doesn't really matter right?

  • Oh god yes its that game So big thanx, I'm ready to hug you for that (not that I'm gay just happy )))))

    Btw how did you find it ?

    Oh that video is put in youtube in year 2011 , now doubt it is made in construct but it does not mtter actually , all I needed the art style to show to my friend

  • You're welcome. I simply searched construct 2 best looking games. An image with the features you described came up on the first page, from there I just searched the name from the image in youtube.

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