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  • Hi im a new developer on construct 2, right now i exceeded my free edition limits and will have to buy a license before i can add more events to my game, but before i go start spending money, could i ask for some help with my game. I know you all have your own game your working on but id like to have a partner in helping me make my video game called Avalar Empires. You can add your own ideas of course. If I would make any money from this game i would split it 50% evenly. I do not know enough about construct 2 and i need help in the type of game i designing, not all the tutorials or manuals can answer all my questions and problems i run into so i need someone i can personally chat to and work with in order to keep it going. Please let me know if anyone can help me make this game epic. I plan on making an online multiplayer game where u can get up to 100 players in a map instance, also you will be able to enter edit mode depending on if the host of the map allows it. Anyone will be able to host a game so it wont be only based on a main server. I also plan on adding different type of games that relate to the game just different type of play style such as one called NAVAL BATTLE- where u control a ship in the sea and you can have the same kind of battle play as the other game EX: Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team DeathMatch, Edit Mode(only host can change the game Type), but since where using ships i plan on adding another instance called Loot or be Looted- this instance will link to your coins and only be played in teams, so throughout the game every player has their own coin currency no matter if their playing Naval Battle or the Map instance one. Ok, so in this instance there will be treasure chest icons that will randomly spawn around the map and u will simply have to move your ship into it and will be able to collect coins, once your treasure chest is full you return to your team base and add it to the team treasure chest which is unlimited treasure hold. If another player kills you he will be able to take all they coins you gained from looting others or collecting coins in the game, if u are killed with nothing in your treasure chest then you will drop 5%of your coin currency that you earned from all the games in Avalar Empires, which means its like gambling your money. Once the timer for this game ends , each team will be given the coins they have collected in their team treasure chest divided evenly among how many players that are in that team. The team that has the most treasure earned within the game instance will also recieve more coins considering they won.

    Thanks for reading, will show u what i have done soon, needs lots of work-

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