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  • so I've recently had the need to compile an app for iOS - have NOT done it before. There's an awful lot of information on here, it's hard to tell what is up to date or not.

    btw - this app is personal use ONLY.. no ads, nothing fancy. It's use is only for Playing some music files and and triggering SFX for a puppet show (making for a friend that only has an iPhone/iPad).

    From reading through threads I gather CocoonIO is the easiest approach?

    -Do I need to be an apple developer? $99 per year or something like that?

    -Do I need Xcode with the latest OSX?

    -xdk is going away, so cocoonio is what I should use?

    -is there a way around without using the above mentioned?

    Any help would be fantastic... thanks!

  • jobel

    If you have a web site to post to, you don't need any of the above. You just export to HTML, uplaod to your site, and run the C2 app in safari, and then choose to "Add to home screen", then it can be launched from an icon and works exactly as if it was wrapped - without the fees and hassle.

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  • AllanR

    thanks, that is my current solution, but the main problem is I'm not sure if internet connectivity will be available where the iPad will be.

    I'm currently testing an offline mode with the browser.. maybe if I keep the iPad offline, it won't try to refresh the page, and just make sure it is initially loaded with wifi?

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