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  • Hi, im not sure if here is the correct place to ask this kind of questions but, i'm having a problem with my game hud and i just cant find a way to fix it.

    So i'm really new to construct so probably not all thing that i did so far in my game were the proper way to do but i made the game screen 1280 x 720 to fit my start screen with the new game and things like that, but because of that the other layouts got to big for the game. What i managed to do to fix that was putting a event to kind of zoo the other layouts 1.8 times. Well, till now everything was good, but when i tried to put the hp bar on the hud and make it static, by putting the parallax number 0 both in x and y, the hp bar just disappears from the screen when i start the the test of the game. Is there any way to fix that ? or i will have to take the 1.8 zoom off my event sheet ?

    Thanks and sorry for my english, been a while since i last wrote anything in english...

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  • noahphoenix - if you set the scale rate for the hud layer to zero (in layer properties) then the objects on that layer should remain at the correct scale regardless of scale changes to the rest of the layout.

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