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  • First, when I double click in a line in the Event Sheet, it opened the diolog window anywere but not in my window.

    I´ve got to open the tak manager and maximaze this dialog to see it and then close the dialog. Construct was freeze.

    now, if I double click the layout to add a plugin, the dialog window does not apears and the construct is freeze. I can´t do anything.

    I´ve already unistalled and installed again, but it keeps in this way.

    I used my notebook with projector (dual monitor), I think it has something with the problem. But now, I´m using dual monitor either, but not with a projector.

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  • Ok, I solved it.

    I put the note to work just with one monitor (note) and opened the contruct. Then it worked.

    Somehow it was losting the dialog with two monitor.

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