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  • Forgive me if this is the wrong forum section.

    Hello community!

    i have been wanting to test out some demo's of what i have been working on with on my nexus 7 with the help of cocoon, however whenever i try to load the demo from dropbox i always get a error followed by unable to unzip please check your internet connection etc etc, no progress is ever made when its trying to download. its always instant and never hangs when attempting.

    did i make the demo into a wrong resolution or something? ive followed the manual on constructs website to a T, or is the dropbox/cocoon manual out of date?

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  • Try open with put your zip yo Sd card.Coconjs looks your zip automaticly.

  • It's hard to say; perhaps you should contact Ludei about the issue.

  • what do you mean? put it in storage? i dont think it works that way. and i dont think my nexus has a sd. i have the non-3G version.

    Thanks Ash, ill try messaging.

  • I didn't know you could use dropbox for CocoonJS launcher. I thought it had to be a straightward webserver so that it's a direct file. However, I've never had it work by net access. I have always had to drop it into the root by way of USB cable. Even if the nexus 7 doesn't have a microSD storage, you do have a microUSB port. Which you should be able to use to put on a CJS package.

    Try that.

  • Make sure you are using full path dropbox links (for example instead of shorturls created by the android app.

  • OH! so i put it on the root Directory like you mentioned Jayderyu and it picked it right up, man this is awesome!!!

    Thanks for the help guys.

  • Thanks to this thread I've finally got my game to show on the Nexus! (I still have to program it to be of any use on the Nexus though!)

    I'm having a problem though with the Space Blaster example on the Nexus, it plays in landscape mode and glitches at the edges.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    How do I get it to show in portrait without glitching?

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