Help! cannot change property of particle instanc

  • here is my setup, I need to randomize the color and rate of the particles, the colors are randomized but the rate never changes:


    keyboard object

    color1_particle object(type:oneshot resize:4x4 paint:red)

    color2_particle object(type:oneshot resize:4x4 paint:green)

    color3_particle object(type:oneshot resize:4x4 paint:blue)

    color4_particle object(type:oneshot resize:4x4 paint:yellow)

    family "particles" contains:





    event: keyboard->On "T" pressed->

    action:Create Object "particles"

    action:particles->Set rate to floor(random(2,100))

  • Try moving the random particles action to a System > Every Tick event, and the particle rates should vary over time.

    Otherwise, you may simply not be able to tell with up to 100 particles being created every second. Try temporarily changing to random(2,10) and you should be able to see the difference more easily to see if it's working.

    Help forum is here by the way:

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  • Regardless of how I create the particle I am unable to set the instance properties.

    I tested this by simply doing the following with no success:


    keyboard object

    color1 particle object(rate:0 type:oneshot resize:4x4 paint:red)

    event: keyboard->On "T" pressed->

    action:Create Object "color1"

    action:color1->Set rate to 50

    event: color1->On created->

    action:color1->Set rate to 50

  • Can you share your .capx?

  • Your wish is my command <img src="smileys/smiley42.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Is there any chance this is a defect with the object?

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