[HELP] Audio doesn't loop properly?

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  • I'm making a game in which I need a piece of audio (in this case, an air conditioning ambiance...thing), and I use the Audio component to play the file and loop is set to true, and it does loop, but when it does, it skips. Is there any way to get it to loop more...seamlessly?

    Thanks in advance

    Patrick Gelvin

  • What browser do you use? Up until recently, only chrome was capable of handling seamless loops. I'm not sure if that's still the case since it looks like firefox also supports advance audio nowadays, but I would bet that chrome still handles audio better.

    Have you tried previewing with chrome (or NW.js)?

  • I only use chrome, and im on the latest update...

    Do you think chrome could have broken something in the latest?

  • PGspy18 , Chrome loops just fine on my system. Can you post your capx to check if something else is at fault..?

    -EDIT- I just confirmed that both Chrome and Firefox playback looped audio perfectly. IE 11 still leaves a small gap at the looping point.

    Chrome Canary however, while playing the loop seamlessly, it does so with reduced audio quality, like it has been compressed at a very low bitrate. This is especially noticeable at higher frequencies, like those of the cymbals.

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  • Sorry for the delay, I just got home. Here is the capx if you want to look at it. In order to enable the keyboard, start the menu layout and press space, then hold any control key for three seconds to start its process. if you leave it running, the looped audio file is 45 ish seconds long so it should loop (and maybe skip) every minute or so.

    EDIT Nevermind...I can't find any way to attach the capx, and it wont let me put a link in.

  • PGspy18 , that's probably because your capx's size is greater than 2Mb. Also, active links are doable after having more than 500 (I think) reputation points. Send me a mail at and I'll have a look.

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