[HELP] Admob object - FPS decrease fixable?

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  • Hi,

    my current project is running smoothly at 60FPS, on C2 preview as well as on my smartphone. The moment I add the admob object to my project, I encounter a drop of FPS in the fully exported app and sometimes a little lag (while in C2 preview everything still works fine). This is the case even when my smartphone is offline and can't even receive any ads, which makes me wonder why this happens.

    I am using Intel XDK to export to android via crosswalk. A few other posts stated that the FPS drop is caused by the fact that in admob, text ads are enabled. So i disabled them, showing only image ads. It didn't change anything.

    Is there a way to avoid the FPS drop? It's really a pity because I dedicated so much work in making the game run smoothly.

  • you can call imaffett if it is Crosswalk issue

    or Ashley if it is Construct 2 issue

  • CreativeMind - can you let me know the following

    Device Model

    Device OS

    Crosswalk Version

    Link to test it if possible (you can send me a link via PM to the APK)

  • Crosswalk 10 is bad enough but with admob banners the lag and poor framerate makes anything unplayable (tested on Note 3 and S4).

    So I have currently disabled banner ads.

  • I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android Version 4.1.2. First, I used Crosswalk 10 to build.

    Now I decided (just like mercedescolomar) to disable banner ads and build with Crosswalk 7 and now the performance is good. I guess a link to my apk won't help you, because I didn't do anything fancy in 2 besides preloading the banner and then showing it. But thanks anyway!

  • CreativeMind Agree Admob banners make the game jittery/laggy especially on startup. It does settle down after a while and things run smoothly, but it can be 10-15 seconds.

    I also find the 'disable text ads' suggestion makes no difference. I've tried disable images as well.. no improvement.

  • My game has the same issue. If i turned off admod, everythings went smoothly. And then turn on the admob, while the ad is loading, some lags happened about 1-10 seconds . After the ad is showed and closed, the lags happened all the time, it caused my game crashed. I have searched a solution for 1 week, but no clue. This issue was still not resolved from year 2013 till to now .... It made me have to turn off the admob in my game = no money >.<

    P/S : I'm using Interstitial only ads and this bug is only happened in low-end Android devices. Some my testing mobile phones have these bug : Dragon Touch Y88, Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus, MeMO PAD ...

    Can anyone share me the solution for this please ? My email : .Thank you for any advices.

  • any solutions guys ? i have same problems with admob and crosswalk

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  • qngnht


    Google is a big company. They have hundreds of programmers. That's why Ashley has a strong faith in Google.

    They also own AdMob.

    So sooner or later they will fix this bug. Maybe.

  • Same here:

    Galaxy Tab 4 + Admob Banner ads + Crosswalk = Crash

    Frame rate drops from 57 - 60 to around 30 fps

    Remove banner ads (cranberry) and app runs at full pelt.


  • frozenpeas

    1-disable text mode in admob dashboard

    2-build with crosswalk 12

    3-on c2 use this (on start of layout >>> if ads is not showing (showing ads and invert it) then show ads

    4-enable webgl and optimize your game (memory use and cpu usage)

    5-wait for crosswalk 14-15 (since they will optimize a lot of thing and specially the issue with admob)

  • Thanks I've tried most of those but will try points 2 and 3 and report back soon

  • 2 - Build 12 seems more stable than 11. No crash yet and higher fps

    FPS showing 59,60,61,62 when no banner is visible

    3 - Banner works first time but on returning to game screen from another layout banner does not show?

    When banner showing I get around 40 - 50 FPS

    Another problem has occured with 12 (11 was fine) - after Inter ad the sound stops

  • frozenpeas

    i got same problem with sound

    sometimes it stops sounds but 12 is better in performance

    it seem that intel is working for :

    1-performance optimizing

    2-admob fsp problem

    3-problem related with bad performance in older device like s3

    it's under crosswalk 15 project, they say that they will release it soon so we have to wait

    since there is a bad fsp i will delete admob from my games and swith to revmob or appodeal (high ecpm)

  • Switch to new Cocoon. Problem solved.

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