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  • Hello,

    I'm Zoyt. I'm new to the forums, but not Construct 2. I just thought I might as well join. I've coded in just about any visual coding language you can find. I've even started making my own. I've coded in GameSalad the most of all the languages, but noticed that it was just about the poorest of all the languages. I've come to Construct 2 seeking a better programming language. I am running Construct 2 in a windows virtual machine in Virtual Box (trust me, it's ugly and slow). I can't seem to get Construct running in WIne or CrossOver without crashing when I create a new project, despite all the posts on the forums about that.

    I've come to Construct 2 for the perfect game and utility creation engine, and as far as I can tell, it's the best so far. Not only it's built in functions are great, but the extensive support for 3rd party plugins.

    Well that's who I am.

    Thank you!

  • You'll be very happy with C2, I guarantee!

  • Hay! \o.

  • sqiddster and vandinz -

    Thanks. As I said, I already am and I'm making my first game as we speak. If anyone could point me to some help on running Construct in Wine or CrossOver, that'd be great.


  • Wow, I'm surprised you had a negative experience with GameSalad. It seemed so promising.

    I couldn't run GameSalad because I only had an XP machine, but I AM SO GLAD because I wouldn't have gone looking for something else and probably not found Construct 2.

  • aindovin - They have a windows version. It's it great for beginner coders, but probably just good for practice coding.

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  • Yes, I know they have a Windows version, but its NOT compatible with Windows XP.

    It works with Vista, Windows 7 & 8, and even Windows 2000 Server I think, but NOT XP.

    My funds are limited and the only thing I have is Windows XP.

    It's moot anyway. I'm totally sold on Construct 2.

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