Height Limit in CocoonJS?

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  • Is there a limited to how tall a sprite sheet can be? Someone mentioned on the forums there, it can't be over 2000 or something close. But C2 creates sprite sheets larger than that. Is there a way to force C2 to making smaller ones, just to test? (Like split up a large sprite sheet instead of make a massive one)

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  • I've heard from multiple sources that CocoonJS can't handle images over 2030. I opened up the export of my project and I had some images in there that were squeezed into a spritesheet. They were only 800px high in project, but the sprite sheet landed at 2048 which is over the 2030 limit. Do you think we need a check on the CocoonJS export for spritesheet size, and throw a warning to the user that some spritesheets were too big?

    I'm not sure if this is a real issue or not.

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