Hello guys! Need emergency help! Making a project with multiplayer stadart plagin. What did i do- take c2 example multiplayer game, make 2 exports: one to cordova and copile an android apk, the other ine - for html website export. Here is the problem. One device using LTE internet connection (android device), the other one using - wifi hotspot (home internet connection). On notebook via website with wifi connection - i'm creating a room, from android via apk using LTE i'm connect ti signal server of scirra, i can see room. but when i connecting to the room - evrythin crash! i meen, that peer can't send message to host, host can do same to peer. and in a some seconds - error message - host kicked no connection, and the same message recives peer.

    What's going on? i'm using personal license. Why i can't use multiplayer as it must be? to try out issues visit olejjon.org , one of can try to connect via LTE, EDGE (mobile network), choose green button, fill all fields and create room. the other one must use wifi hot spot (home or work wifi internet), choose red button, fill all fields, click red button and wait for rooms to created. in code, when peer see room and take an order, host going to next layout (if mesages can be sent and recieved) if dont, when peer connect and do anything - host didt recieve any information.

    I think, that [MOD EDIT] scirra is kidding me and cheating! no multiplayer at all =(

    new information of error : kicked (either could not connect to host or host quit)

    this [MOD EDIT] multiplayer didn't work with cellular internet connection! [MOD EDIT] kidding me??? Give my money back at take you [MOD EDIT] license!

    put you multiplayer plugin and your C2 in your ass! it's a piece of [MOD EDIT] , and it's didi't cost 130$ ! GIVE MY MONEY BACK! YOUR SERVICE IT"S AN A [MOD EDIT] !!!

    I think that's quite enough of the childish ranting and profanity.

    If you have a bug, then make a post in the Bug section ensuring you follow all of the reporting requirements.

    If you want to discuss your license, then email and Ashley or Tom will deal with you.

    Any more of these profanity laden type of posts will be locked also, and I will also temporarily ban you.

    Please try to deal with your problem in a rational and adult way.

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    Sending a report about me and calling me that has gotten you a ban.

    Please email to deal with this.

    For the record, this sounds like ordinary run-of-the-mill Internet connectivity issues as described in the multiplayer tutorial. It's mostly to do with the way the Internet works, not Construct 2.

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