Still having trouble loading game after 1st Splash Screen...

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    Posted this awhile back, but didn't want to bump old topics, and since I'm still having the same problem, I still need some help on this.

    When I 1st run the game (as a HTML or from the Construct UI), the game sometimes won't load pass the 1st Splash Screen; but sometimes, after closing and re-opening the program/browser, the game loads normally.

    This is becoming annoying, since I've just uploaded a DEMO to the Google Play store...waiting for it to get published, so until then I dunno if the same will happen if someone D/L it from the Play store. And it also won't preview for testing in the Intel XDK.

    I could upload a capx, but it would be the entire (about 60MB so far) game; so if anyone want it, just let me know. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_question.gif" alt=":?:" title="Question">

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  • I'd do a few tests myself to see if it loads for the 1st time for me.

  • Well, it loads after I converted/exported to Android...but still browser based wise, it is still hit or miss.

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