how to hard Construct 2 for developing only mobile games?

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  • Hi guys. I'm envaluate a different platform (NO CODE) for making ios and android games. At moment i'm using GameSalad and Stencyl. I need to know if it's strongly hard for non programmers using Construct 2 for making mobile games for ios and android, because i dont know javascript.

    Thanks all for any reply.

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  • C2 is perfect for non programmers to learn, easy to pickup and complex for mastering.

    It's also pretty good for iOS, okay for Android.

  • C2 is really great not only for mobile apps but also for HTML5 and desktop aps. As said it's easy to start with C2 and there are many things to learn which let you do even pretty complex games. However it is not a pure drag&drop. You have to tell the app how it should behave in various situations, so there is a visual programming involved (based on events and actions).

    Anyway there is a free version so you have nothing to loose, just take a look. Good Luck!

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