HappyFunTimes LAN Multiplayer Possible?

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  • I just saw a post for a code-a-thon that incorporated this silly LAN multiplayer that has like 30 players so I went to their website to see it is pretty much all Javascript.

    Just curious if anyone else has seen or looked into this and the possibility of it being able to work with C2 in any way? (There are much smarter people on here so I thought I would post here instead of trying and getting nowhere)



  • wow cool! I hope I have time to look into this more!

    Regarding your question are you asking if we could make games for happyFunTimes, using construct 2?

  • Reading this:

    https://github.com/greggman/HappyFunTim ... s.md#clone

    "If you're doing it in JavaScript use any game framework you want, copy one of the examples, or write from scratch but a few rules. If you're doing it in Unity3D or any other language you should still follow the info below."

    suggests to me that it should be possible to deploy a construct 2 game with HappyFunTimes, maybe it's necessary to write a plugin that supports the controller input API, but that shouldn't be impossible.

    very promising.... soooo many fun things to do, so little time! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • OneMuppet Yea I'm not super familiar with javascript or LAN networks...like at all lol, so I was curious if it was possible to integrate them..somehow. I can't imagine it being very simple either way and probably still have to program it as if it was a Multiplayer plugin type game. I was more hoping it was easy enough to integrate it where you could program it like it's a local multiplayer game and it just recognizes everyone that connects as more of a "controller" as opposed to a complete separate client, you know?

    I guess on that note, is that possible to anyone's knowledge to get mobile devices to connect to a construct 2 webpage and just use one client as the display and the mobiles are controllers? It's probably something you still have to use the Multiplayer plugin for but I was hoping not because the multiplayer plugin it's pretty beyond me for now.

    Anyways, yes it is a pretty cool thing and I hope some super smart person looks at it for C2

  • There is still limited support for webRTC in mobile browsers, Android has the best support to the best of my knowledge, but I don't think there is any support for the scrirra multiplayer object on ios browser now. Hopefully it won't be long before mobile browser support is better.

    Right now I think downloading and hosting the happyFunTimes server and perhaps building a happyFunTime plugin to construct 2 if needed so that the games could listen for and interpret the input (havn't looked into the happyFunTime API yet), would be our best bet. Maybe you could email the people behing happyFunTime and ask if they could look into a construct 2 integration?

  • I've been investigating this a bit and have an ok idea of how to develop this. But it will take a lot of effort. And I may very well run into something that I cannot solve due to lack of time and or knowledge or both

    I just wanted to check with your quickly if I (or someone else) did proceed to develop this and released it on the Scirra store as a template/bundle (or what ever it should be called) so that people could use to develop their own games, what would you consider beeing a fair price? 10$? 20$?

  • IE11 is building in support for ORTC (or commonly known as webrtc 1.1) so hopefully that will improve matters in terms of coverage. no timeline on when that support will become available.

  • Here is my first working prototype: http://youtu.be/oVBihLMjJAU

    Let me know if there is any interest for it?

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  • OneMuppet Wow that's fantastic! What kind of set up did you need for that? Do you need the Multiplayer plugin and all that crazy networking code or can you just treat inputs individually? I am definitely interested in how you got it working.


  • So if I'm getting this right, this would basically eliminate the need for a signalling server when doing LAN multiplayer games, wireless mobile controllers and similar.

    Are there other benefits instead of using the C2 multiplayer plugin, lower bandwidth consumption maybe?

    If anything this would be a good multiplayer plugin update.

  • Thanks , I tried it a couple of days ago, connected the computer to the TV with apple-tv and gave my sons a smart phone each as a controller and it worked well. They are only 2 and 5 years old and I manage to keep them playing for a good two minutes, which is something like 2 hours in grown-up time

    I've done everything from scratch so I'm not using anything from superhappyfuntimes, mostly because I felt C2 had all the needed parts all ready.

    Anyway, this is how I've set it up so far. There are three components:

    • Main game: made with construct 2
    • Controller: made with construct 2
    • Nodejs server, to connect the main game and the controllers

    A user downloading the "package" should not have to care about the nodejs server (unless they want to). But they will have to start the nodejs server on their local computer.

    The controllers will send simple input instructions to the websocket server which the server will send to the main game. The main game has "functions" like "Joined", "Dropped" and so on. A user could add new actions to send from the controller and add support for interpreting those in the main game without having to modify the nodejs websockets server. So all modifications will be done in construct 2.

    The controller and the main game would be pretty simple to change. All the coding will be done in the main game (unless you want to add new actions from the controller). But if you would like a user to loose hp when another user bounces of their head that would be normal event based coding in c2 in the main game.

    I'm currently working on another construct 2 project and just did this for fun, but it there are more people interested I will of course try to make a beta release of "this", codename CrowdGaming

    KFC yes but adding the need for a nodejs websockets server. The reason I looked into this from the start was because I was disappointed to find out that ios did not support webRTC which means there is no C2 multiplayer support on iOS, so I started investigating alternatives ended up with websockets did a multiplayer game with a nodejs server hosted on a amazon AWS micro instance had too much lag and figured it would be better on LAN which it was.

  • Quite clever... any capx examples?

  • OneMuppet If you can provide a capx example it would be awesome. Thanks in advance

  • stefanos I'm back on this project again, I'm currently working on optimizing the controller and main game templates so less data is sent. I'll most likely upload this to the scirra store, first it will be offered as beta for a a buck or two and later when stable it will be at a slightly higher price.

    If made properly I think this has great potential within the scirra community, with loads of cool games waiting to be made for public places.

  • Eagerly await a chance to purchase... great concept!

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