What happens on exe load?

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  • Wondering what is actually happening between when you double click the .exe file generated by Node Webkit export and when the window shows up on screen. This feels like it is taking longer and longer as my game grows (30+ seconds where the app is active on task manager before the window shows up). I'm wondering if there's anyway for me to optimize this! Thanks in advance for any help.

  • I think it keeps the window hidden until the progress bar that you would see in a browser completes. I'll make it show the window sooner so the user can see the progress bar rather than wondering why nothing's appeared. I think you can already use a loader layout to show the window sooner as well.

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  • Hmm okay, already using a loader layout (I thought the percentages were going up almost instantly from 0% to 100% since it's loading locally but maybe that's what's causing the slow window appearance). Thanks a lot for looking into this Ashley!

  • I just checked and it actually should already show the window right away, including any progress bar or loader layout that has been set. Does it really take ages before even the loader layout appears?

  • Takes about ~17 seconds to open my game on my computer (my win32 exe folder is 84 mg).

  • Yes, you double click the exe and nothing shows up for some time (the task instantly appears in task manager at around 26MB and uses around 12% of my CPU and when the window shows up, a second process starts with the same name that is around 350MB and all the CPU time goes to 0% on the smallerprocess and is hovering at 1% for the larger process).

    It used to be a few seconds long and has progressively gotten slower as the game has grown.

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