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  • hi guys.. since i update C2 something weird and its really breaking my game for order purposes!!

    Before i did groups to keep my events in order..

    for example

    i had a group called "Player control"

    and then i copied this group in every event sheet easily

    i cant not use 1 event sheet for all the layouts becuase it would become a mess.. so i copied the commom groups of events like player control, ladders control, laser fire control, etc...and it worked, i had 1 copy of all the needed groups in every event sheet. But now!!! if i copied the group it asks me for a different name!!! WHAT???! so now group's names are global?? before where just local to the event sheet, like you cant have 2 groups named the same in the same event shee, but now is in the whole project?? why?? why change this?? i cant change the name for every layout for a commom group that i need in all the layoyts?? im doing something wrong?? its a new change?? becuase this did not happened before, now arranging the events becomes way more complex and conversome becuase of this unnnecesary change??

    can someone explain this to me?? i looked for a settings in all of C2 to see if i changed something in the program itself...but bothing!! :(

  • Why not have groups on separate event sheets and then just include them in level sheets?

  • Why not have groups on separate event sheets and then just include them in level sheets?

    thats a good option, i guess i need to adapt... its annoying even then.. thanks! i think they should had the option to disable it.. :/

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  • It would be a simple fix I reckon. Add a new event sheet called "Player Control", put your group in there, then wherever you need your "Player Control" group pasted, just include the event sheet instead of pasting the group. Don't you ever find yourself editing each group when you decide to update the Player Control events? Doing this method causes you to only have to edit the events once :P

    I used to come from a similar background of copypasting stuff like that, but trust me, once you adapt to this, you'll never want to go back!

  • Look in the r153 release notes - it's a deliberate change and is noted there. The 'set group activated' action would affect groups by name, so if you had two groups with the same name it would change the state for both of them. This led to some confusion or difficult issues for some users. Group names already had to be unique per sheet, but using groups with the same name across different sheets could lead to these confusing issues. So now C2 enforces unique names across the entire project, which TBH is what it should have done from the start since it treats the name as its unique identifier. There is a bit of an awkward transition: existing projects using groups with the same name on different sheets still load the same, so they don't get broken, but when working in events now you can't create duplicate group names, and that in the long-term should avoid the group activation gotcha, which is a good thing.

    BTW if you're copying the same events to multiple event sheets, you absolutely should not do that! Use an event sheet include instead, then you don't have to copy them at all.

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