what happened to Construct3??

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  • ???? does anyone knows what happened? construct3.com

  • What do you mean?

    Website is still there: https://www.construct3.com/

  • i mean, the updates. no more has been shown.

  • ...what were you expecting?

    It's barely over a month since it was originally announced, when they told us it would take some time to create and that there would be updates "as soon as they're ready to share" them. It takes a lot of time and work to create software, and in these early stages there simply won't be much for them to show or tell.

    If you sign up for updates and wait there will be plenty of news eventually. In the meantime, Construct 2 is still a great product and will still be maintained. I would expect we might start to hear little bits and pieces in 6 months or so, and (unless they've secretly got a head-start on the project or hired additional developers) probably won't see an actual release until very late in the year or quite possibly sometime next year.

  • The latest release notes for r200 statethat C3 has now officially started development:

    [quote:3ks2tpob]Construct 3 is now in development

    In other news note that Construct 3 has been announced. You can stay up to date with the latest news at Construct3.com. While Construct 3 is a long way off, note that a consequence of its development is that the Construct 2 update cycle will slow down.

    To expect updates now is ridiculous.

    As stated, sign up for updates and just be patient. It will most likely be many months before any significant news arises.

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  • C3 isn't C2+, C3 is the IDE built from scratch and redesigning a lot of the core interaction for how development is handled. I wouldn't expect anything in any form of news for another 5 months. Then we will start hearing about some of the concepts.

    Ashley mentioned that C3 was going to be in silence for some time, and C2 features and updates will slow down. After seeing C2 r200, I certainly believe that moving to C3 now was a good choice.

    If C3 core design is handled right and flexible at the core. Then C4, C5 won't have long silent points. It's just that the C2 IDE which was built by another party is just very limiting.

  • It was said by Ashley that C3 is still a long way off and here you can read it again...but anyway, i bet there will be hundreds of posts more that ask about C3, because it's so hard to use the search function of the forum...

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