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  • Hello. Please help comrades. Perhaps there was this topic. But I can't find an answer. I asked this question on the official forum and did not receive an answer.

    The construct 2 steam version. It works stably for 10 minutes. Then the interface itself starts to hang and hang. It helps to collapse the program to deploy (and then it does not hang for long after 30 minutes at all. Until you close construct 2 again and open it. It's not the game itself that freezes at startup. namely, the interface construct itself.

    NWJS - v0.54.0 (Chromium 91) [Requires r217+] 263 MB 27th May 2021

    Construct 2 Steam - 280 (64 bit)

    Windows 10

    It is not NWJS that is buggy, but Construct 2 Steam itself. Why is the productivity of I nz falling. Who can tell me what to do. If it started to hang, then that's it. Even closing the project doesn't help. Just log out of Construct 2 and log in again. Then again, you can work comfortably for 10 minutes


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  • Hey, Construct 2 has been retired. They won't be doing any fixes or improvements on it.

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