How do you handle larger projects?

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  • This isn't one spesific question, but I am just wondering how you guys handle larger projects in Construct 2? My metroidvania platformer is starting to take shape, but I feel that my layouts and eventsheets already are starting to look kind of messy. Do you usually have seperate eventsheets per layouts? The way I have it set up now is that I duplicate the eventsheets and make small adjustments to them as I need to per level.

  • I would make one event sheet for your general gameplay logic (which doesn't change drastically over different levels), one event sheet for pause menu, main menu etc, you get the idea. In the different levels include the general gameplay logic in a new event sheet for the current level and put only things inside that is different in this level, like a special enemy behavior.

    What you can handle in the gameplay logic sheet: Score System, Pause System, Collision with enemies, collectables, game mechanics like teleporters etc., everything that works the same in every level.

    Also make heavy use of families (for examples all enemies with similar behavior can be one family), put code in logic group units and comment your code, so you always know what a specific block does.

  • Personally - I do similar to what Chupup Games is saying, but I follow strict guidelines everytime:

    Enemies ES

    Main ES (used for specific events that will be included in EVERY level)

    Combat & Movement ES (used specifically for player combat and movement)

    Global Variables ES (used for ONLY global variables; makes finding things easy)

    Cheats ES (everyone's got to have cheats while testing , but honestly this makes it easier to release your game without thinking "did I disable all the testing shortcuts I made...?")

    Functions ES (ONLY contains functions)

    Menu ES (all menu functions)

    Then for each stage type I'll have an ES, so if you have 10 layouts of "Ice Stage", I would have ONE Ice Stage ES and put everything in there. It's the cleanest way to find things without having a single event sheet.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Yep, separate event sheets is the way to go and using groups within those sheets to further organize your events is a life saver.

    I have mine separated by HUD, player movement, special item pick-ups, enemies, weapon toggling, ...some other stuff I can't think of at the moment, then just include those in each layout specific event sheet.

  • Thank you for some awesome tips here guys. Dividing it into different eventshets and using event families seems to be a very smart way to go.

    I feel ashamed that I didn't even know about event families You learn something everyday i guess.

  • Families are a great way to organize, unfortunately it's not available in the free version. I only mention it because it looks like you might not have a personal license yet.

  • Yeah, I noticed it now. Guess I am going to buy that licence sooner rather than later..

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