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  • Following my (long) list of initial changes/ideas I had when I first encountered C2, here's my GUI offer (+other changes/requests).

    I find myself wandering in many windows why a certain look was picked over other more "logical" choices.

    I mentioned some of these in my previous thread

    Here's how the "Insert new Object" window looks like on my machine:

    <img src="" border="0">

    It's 95% white/empty + there's a scroll bar.

    And here's my suggestion of how it should look like:

    <img src="" border="0">

    The same number of categories + same amount of icons. To those who might say "Well, what about room for more categories/items" I can defend my version with - Well, both can be added. If there're more items the same solution in the form of a scroll-bar can be introduced. Nothing is change from current solution - If there're more items than a single window shows a scroll bar will allow the, well, scrolling.

    I think my suggestion looks more professional and more importantly it's more user friendly.

    Beside the GUI issue/s here're more ideas/requests/changes/observations I scribbled during working with C2 (Which I love):

    • I often noticed that texts will change position during run time. If I carefully align a text on a background and test the project in a browser the text will move few pixel to the right and bottom
    • There's no way to change text properties during run time. It would be cool to be able to change size and color via regular object properties from within the event sheet
    • a command in the form of "Preload all used sounds" will save tons of time wasted when I change one sound, remove another, swap sounds, etc.
    • When inserting new sprites I often see a strange dimension to the sprite when I get back to the layout editor. It's important to have the sprite in the original graphics (same dimensions, same ratio)
    • Exe creation (can be used by encapsulating google chrome slim browser). I'm sure this came up before. I understand this feature demands tons of time
    • Remarks color/size will be a great addition. Remarks on red background will be colored by me for all negative operations, for example.

    That's it for now. I'm sure you understand I write these long messages cause I love the product and not vica-versa (The product hates me :)

  • Any one?

  • I liked the redesign.

  • Thanks. Hopefully it will catch.

    In the last release one of my suggestions was implemented - the subevents nesting lines so I'm optimistic :)

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  • I think we've implemented a lot of these now... it's difficult to use your redesigned dialog because Windows only supports the current layout, and changing that is a pain. Hopefully it's less of a problem in future when there are more plugins that fill it up more.

  • I think the current version is fine, really.

  • Also, if you think about it, there will be some category like "general" with a lot of plugins, while other categories will be empty. The redesign doesn't appear to solve this problem.

  • I don't really use the object selection screen as often as other screens, myself. It wouldn't be beneficial for myself, workflow-wise, to change that aspect of the interface, though I do like your idea

    Ashley, I really can't thank you guys enough for including the font-face/size options. I generally don't request things, figuring if they're not already requested, chances are they won't be popular and won't get done. But that was one I really wanted to request.

    HotGod, thanks for requesting it!

  • I work on a 24" screen with full HD resolution so many screens/windows open with a strange ratio between icons/content and empty space. Sometime I need to scroll like in the above example where there's tons of empty space.

    I know these semi-naggings I write about get replies in the form of "you don't really need to change this. I'm happy with things as they are".

    This is why I'm happy with Ashley's changes. Btw, this specific window can be improved by reducing the space between categories. The gap between the icons bottom and the category text is huge.

    And for future generations reference here's how the nesting looked like before the last great change:


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