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  • Hello all,

    I'm just messing around with a platformer in construct and enjoying learning about it. So far I have some basic parallax, platforms, player block, parallax, and fullscreen! All thanks to the examples that come with the program. Sadly I was trying to put in some buttons to try on my android based phone but, when I make a UI layer and place my sprites on the layer the don't show up at all where i would expect them to. I took 3 images, all of them 64,64 textures, each with a letter to let players know what the buttons do. I made sure that the layer was parallax and set it to 0,0. Then put the buttons down in the canvas where I was expecting them to show up and stay only to find they were several hundred pixels to the left off my canvas. Unfortunately I removed the buttons so don't have anything to show for them. I was hoping to get a little help on this thanks.

  • if your windows is 640x480 and your layout is 1280x1024, and you want to put a button in a layer with parallaxe 0,0 that will appear in bottom left

    you should put the button around (0,400).

    Because the layer won't move thanks to the 0,0 parallaxe, you have to put the button where it should be if there were no scrolling at all.

  • Ok thanks.

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  • The tutorial supporting multiple screen sizes might be a good reference for this problem.

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