What do you use to do GUI animation?

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  • Just wondering what do you guys use to do GUI animation such as a window pops in or coming down from the top of the screen, growing experience bar at the end of a level, confetti and serpentine for comemoration... that kind of stuff that usually are showed after the game. Do you use just regular sprite? Or that are other better ways like C2 effects, animation softwares etc?

    Sorry if this post bother someone.

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  • math and effects.

    you can use opacity and count from 100 to 0 and backwards, using some formula, and other combos.. effects work good too..

  • Sprites/tiledbackgrounds/9-patch..

    A combination of litetween behaviour, other movement behaviours (sine,bullet), some math and the particle object..

  • Using normal sprites is totally adequate. Nothing is done for you here in C2... best to just make a bunch of test projects and figure out sprite movements and other "juice" like effects. Also lerp() or other math for Tweening (which stands for 'In Between' which I believe is an animation term). Timescale, rotation, scaling and sine are other good things to use to make the game come alive. But you need to code it all by hand.. which isn't too bad if you isolate each movement or animation you want to do and perfect them in a test capx.

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