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  • Scenario: You create many events with sprites that have the physics behavior... months later you see a need to move the physics behavior into a family and all the sprites into that family... but you now need the events using the physics behaviors to instead be using the physics behavior on the family...

    Feature: A behavior search and replace that is sort of like the object search and replace. It would replace any object level behavior references in events with an equivalent behavior from a family the object is a member of.

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  • You can already do this.

    1. Create an Object that contains everythign of the object your going to replace.(ie everything it has, and what you may need). Names needs to be the same too.

    2. Highlight the EventSheet.

    3. Right click. Replace object.

    4. Choose what object to replace.

    5 Choose what object to use.

  • That is an interesting solution. Thanks.

    However I know from my own experience that this isn't really the same thing. As the headline says I am looking for a "convenience" feature. Sure it is possible to take the time to recreate an object and ALL of its dozens of instance variables and other properties then do the object replace, but that is too time consuming to be considered "convenient".

    I guess "cloning" the object would make it faster, but every time I use the clone tool the settings on my behaviors go back to default...so then I have to manually "clone" those.

    Before I would do that I would just open up that XML file and do the replace there... much faster... but also not really a feature built into the tool either.

    Thanks for the idea though.

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