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  • I like to use the cocoon.io apk process, to pack my HTML5 C2 project / game inside it. I prefer this over a crosswalk / XDK because it:

    - use less space (APK is around 7mb)

    - very performant (in comparison to other)

    - and so on..

    But i also got some issues, therefore some questions:

    1.) I am not able to close my app, by the command: "canvas+, exit app" ( and even with "Browser, Close" it doesn´t work)

    2.) The usual C2-"Buttons" doesn´t work with canvas+, cocoon.io . Why ?

    3.) A HTML-div / iFrame plugin also doesn´t work here. Why ?

    4.) webGL / ThreeJS / 3D doesn´t seems to work with cocoon.io / canvas+. Whats wrong ?

    5.) Are there any tutorials out there, which shows you how to create cordova in combination with cocoon.io APK ?

    Thats it, for now. Feel free to answer all questions :-)



  • Construct 2 dropped support for Canvas+ around 4 years ago, so it's been unsupported for years now. That's probably why things don't work. You shouldn't use it any more.

  • Oh okay. But what is the alternative ? Or what is the better solution ?

    I allready tried the regular export = cordova (used cordova CLI). It gives an APK output which is around 3mb big. It also works, but it has semi-good performance on many phones i tested. You would think: ...nice. Its smaller than cocoon.io. Yes it is. BUUUUT ... as said, it isn´t performant as cocoon.io is!

    I hope you can help us, finding the best export-process (performance wise) / best APK wrapper, etc.


    What was the reason moving away from cocoon.io ?

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  • We moved away precisely because it is virtually impossible to get those features you noted to work. Rather than support a platform where a wide range of features simply cannot be supported, we instead focused on the standard system webview, which has reasonably good performance and supports almost all features.

  • Okay ... got it

  • So happy...

    ...I was able to solve my Prob 1.) "closing the app"

    Because it didn´t worked by Plugins and C2 closing mechanisms. Than i found out, that you can use this command :

    CocoonJS - EXIT app (via Browser-Execute-Javascript):



    (you just need one of them. All two works)

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