Gravity Based Platformer Concept - Help welcomed

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  • I am posting .capx file as I am prototyping the gravity of my platformer. I have 4 more weeks to finish functioning level for my game concept class.

    What I have problem with right now is that with my platform not always jump on first press of key up button. Even worse when I try to use pin on platform to stuck it to rotating planet while not moving.

    Also any other ideas are welcomed.

    It is gravity based platformer / puzzle game, where you jump from (generally circular) platform tu platform, sometimes moving/using object like ladder or trampoline + waiting for right moment as the plants rotates.

    ( .capx updated to link with single file )

    Here is an overall idea:

    Seems my image and links to tutorial got cut off :/

    I am using tutorials from these guys sqiddster TehChikenHater

  • Looks really cool! Good luck!

  • enyon you mentioned a class.. what class might this be? <img src="smileys/smiley14.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Sulli

    Class is called Game Conceptualization at my college. Construct is not generally part of the class, we will be graded based on the concept of the game/level not the functionality in Construct since they will show us only basics of the program. But what I am doing is a tiny bit extra. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    (Its basically our instructor initiative to add Construct to lesson, extra to the curriculum.)

  • enyon

    i think the problem could be the colision polygon of your planets, maybe putting small blocks to handle the colision could fix it, but you may have to change the design a bit to fit the gravity system you made

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  • enyon is this a UK College? I have to start looking soon (the names are a bit weird where I live.. we save college then sixth form college then Uni..)

    Anyway let me know if it is a UK college (16-19 years old I think is the age range?) as I know in the US college is basically UK uni <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Sulli Yes US style college, but curses are shorter then for University and you end up only with diploma/certificate, not title.

    valdarko That is what I think, when you are on the tip of the collision polygon it does not work properly. But how else to do it if you want circular planets? Plus I add another object - Hills I pin to planet.

    Plus is there a way to get value of some object in scene based on their UID? (If you have more instances of the same object in the scene. When I do Set Variable1 to Object(1).X it does very strange stuff.)

    This forum missing crossed text. Underlined text above is wrong.

    Actually Object(1).X works perfectly, I just missed some condition I made earlier. Just you have to remember in which order you put the same instance of the object in, because I don't see that number anywhere.

  • So I have some problems... Because my planets are circular (the collision mash is about 12-16 side polygon) and gravity always change, the value of Platform is Falling is often true when I am walking for a millisecond and that cause problems, like playing sound on landed like crazy.

    Any idea sqiddster

  • Instead of 'is falling' perhaps you could use 'vectorY > someValue, where someValue is a number just above 0.

  • Thank you

    That works perfectly with my trampoline, now I don't have random jumps.

    Sound on landed if vectorY is more then 180 works perfetly if you land on box(jump trough, platform) but only very occasionally works when you land on planet (solid).


    Setting global variable falling = 0, change to 1 when vectorY is more then 200 and if vectorY is then less or equal zero wait 0.1 and change it to 0. (Without wait it would randomly not work as well.)

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