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  • Hello!

    I have a simple question.

    Which software do you use for drawing/painting the sprites you have?

    Like Photoshop and Paint.NET etc.


  • I use an old version of photoshop.

    Remember, the tool has very little effect on how good your art is! It's all in your talent (or you can just fake it, and make good looking graphics with no artistic talent, like I do :D )

  • Haha. Sound like a good idea :P

    I just wanted to hear what people use ;)

    Thanks for the replay!

  • sqiddster hmm what is the about resolution you put it 72 ?? also if you draw in photoshop do you draw big picture and then resize it with photoshop or contruct2 or you just do small picture like for example your octopus you draw it with 40x40 or something like that??

    about me i used to use illustrator but now i have tried photoshop and illustrator , illustrator can vector the bitmap pictures so i can use the picture as much as i want but sometimes i forget to do that XD so that why i get some pixels picture :P

  • I got kind of the same question..

    When I draw a sprite and it's too big or small, and then resize it in construct2, the quality get killed. And the same if you change the size of an image im Photoshop. It kills the quality.

    What if it was some kind of tool in construct2 that let you make a square and see the size of it. Like when you select something, the blue square don't disaper but freeze instead and you can see how big the square is.

    I think this will make it easier to make sprites at the right size.

  • What many people do (for non "pixel art") is to draw things at a larger resolution (for instance 500x500 pixel sized image instead of 100x100) and then when you've finished the piece you scale it down at the size you want and save it. This means you can make rougher images and more mistakes and they'll be less noticeable when you scale down for the finished sprite.

    There's an example of this here:

  • I love Drawplus(vectorial), they have a very nice interface, they try to clone the Adobe interfaces but for some reason it's even better than adobe stuff.

  • Yes, I make sure to scale it down quite a bit. My octopus source image is like 1000 x 1000 pixels ;), same with most of the other graphics.

  • sqiddster wth?? 1000x1000 and scaled 10x smaller o.o i think in the game it looks like 100x100 ... so i should do that o.o i tought 2x will be good hehe so from now on 10x all images :P

  • Thanks for the tips guys. It helps alot! :D

    I also found a cool software for simple "pixel arts".

    Take a look if you want

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  • In general work on large pictures and scale down then do the finishing touches

    The software doesn't really matter, you can do amazing stuff in microsoft paint if you're talented

  • jn2002dk yes even the paint is good i wish i have wacom , soon ill buy one its better than mouse XD

    also the 10x scale is such an good idea so maybe in future this could work on ipad3 or even newer one... also its easy to vector big images with illustrator even small but will need some touches to fix it.

  • I use inkscape , photoshop ,paint shop pro and daz3d for my sprites.

  • I mean... there is no logical reason to not work on large images! It's exactly the same in your image editor, and it's not like they will take up too much space on your hard drive...

  • Work on large imgaes and then simply scale it down.

    Not the other way. It will kill the quality..

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