GooglePlay or Facebook High scores?

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  • Hi,

    I am building a cordova Android mobile game and want to build a high score and achievements game.

    The game is a sidescroller shooting game, steering with gyro. The game (one mode at least) is "endless playing", making higher score as longer you can last. faster and faster sort of...

    So a high-score table is a sort of "must have".

    Right now I have build a game with php/sql posting /reading. But starting to feel that this is not the best solution for me.

    Now my solution means that you do not have to log in to anything (which is quite nice), you can just post you high score as you want, in any name you want. And the high score table can be designed and integrated as I want. Very nice looking. But at the same time it actually do not feel that nice to have an app posting whatever to my private php db. Also people can post what the fuck they want. like Hitler/fuckface or whatever... and that do not feels right!

    So what's the best solution now?

    GooglePlay or Facebook?

    The official plugins does not sem to work perfect for mobile games? And cranberrys plugins? Are they both perfect?

    According to another thread cranberrys GooglePlay games can't even fetch hingscore as integrated data, only open in a googleplay layer/skin (ugly as fuck)

    GooglePlay is only "anonymous" made up names, FB is peoples real names? Can both plugins fetch public leaderboards or only from contacts/friends?

    Ideas? Anyone made a android mobile game with high score table I can take a look at?

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