google suspended and removed one of my games.?

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  • Hey, After I change the icon of one of my games, after hours I received an e-mail called.

    After review, Bubble Spikes, com.LaithNightly.Bubble, has been suspended and removed from Google Play as a policy strike because it violates the unauthorized use of copyrighted content policy.

    As the e-mail received i stopped working making games with construct 2, also they are slimier games that I upload them that has same, for example bubbles, why google suspended this, what is the reason all games has similar arts.?

    Is that reason for Icon.? or description or another thing.?

    I also provide to them the sites which took form them the arts, and it free to use them, now I am waiting for respond.

    Please if someone had this issue and solve it, please provide your sites and art where do you get them, and is it legal to use them or not. because i am afraid until now may google banned my developer account.

    Thank you.

  • interesting, didnt know this could happen

  • foxrain4 did you get suspended for your games also, or one of your games.?

  • SaRaB no, i just find it interesting that your game could be suspended,

    i didn't really believe they would actually check it.

    I dun have uploaded any games on websites other than scirra arcade.

  • Hey, can someone provide some source that are free to use in any projects, I used free sources but why google suspended apps.?

  • Is it bubble or icon that violates the copyrights? If you sure your assets are free to used, maybe this link: can help you to submitting an appeal.

    About free royalty images or sprites maybe will give you some links?

  • I believe that either you haven't put the credits fo some CC-BY-3.0 licensed assets. Or someone intentionally reported you for some reason.

    Also Google automatically checks sounds and gfx against some copyright databases. It's clearly seen on YouTube.

    Here you have a list and some rules explanation of how to use them ... and-rules/

  • will thank you for your comment, the site you entered it that is mean i can use the images, but there is some of them which saying for example, you can not use it in public community. so in final can you provide me few sites that offer allowed images to use them in any projects in public and personal.

    Also i want to now about this site, please check it if it is allowed to use images from it in any projects or not.

    last thing I wanna site that provide full free and allowed sounds and music games, please can you share it here i wanna the best one.

    because I am going to take some bubbles images and make games with different ideas with the same images, and also avoiding suspended with google. also I want Music allowed legally (sounds also)

    After talking with google they said, if you want to publish a game or app, first give us a proof of permission to use copyrighted content,(they said send us a denouement that proof to use copyrighted) can you explain this to me please more, is that meaning that i need to send them a denouement that contain all sites that i use them in my game.? or another thing

    Thank you.

  • by all of this, I think this game will not get suspended, but I am a fried maybe in future get that so i will share with you, you may check on google play until now when i publish an update still good results with over 16 days now i am working on now updates with 100% free sources but before i do publish i will send to google as they said there is a review development to send denouement i understand this as send all sites that contain to your game.

    so here is the link on google play also check the title, description anything. ... Loops.lite

  • SaRaB I have explained everything on my blog.

    You always have to check for the license and license details. I also wrote a section: "Always take a screenshot of the asset download page!", that way you have a proof that you have rights to use it. And next section says "No license? No use!". So everything is explained. If something is not clear - let me know.

    At the bottom of my post on my blog you can also find many links where you can get free assets (graphics, sounds, music, icons). But some of them are totally free (public license) and some need attribution. You have to check it for each asset separately.

    There is no "best" site. Each one has different content, so it depends what you need. Just dive and check.

  • Everything is so clear on the post. I also give link above how to deal with google. Did you read or what?

  • ok thanks for all that, what about the denouement that they, and why i take screenshot of all License details.

    What I need to write in this document and send them, because they said you can provide a proof before you publish the app or game, may you explain this please, I am sorry for battering you, but this is the final issue i think the document what should i send to them with details.?

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  • Everything is so clear on the post. I also give link above how to deal with google. Did you read or what?

    Yes, I read them all thank you for your comment and help.

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