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  • Good morning everyone. How was everything there?

    I wanted to ask you something, see if you can help me as always <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" />

    The operation of the Google Play algorithm has changed a lot and is giving priority in the rankings to apps that meet certain new criteria, such as:

    • Appropriate Use of API 23 + and Request for Permissions

    ( /requesting. html)

    • Use of the new security system

    ( html)

    The truth is that I'm a little lost and scared, because all the apps that do not meet these new criteria ... it's as if they did not exist, it takes them out of the Rankings. This can be a big problem for all developers who ignore the new changes.

    In my case I developed the apps with an engine called Construct2 and then switched to Intel XDK to compile.

    • Would you tell me how I can implement the new permit request system when we compile?

    You have to know that the permissions are divided into two groups. 1. Normal permissions 2. Risk permissions

    If a permit is normal it must be configured in a specific way and if a permit is considered as a risk permit, it must be configured in a different way.

    • Could you advise us on new security systems if we have to implement some additional features?

    I hope you can help us, it is a very important issue for everyone, because if we do not update the apps soon this business could become a catastrophe for developers.

    Thank you very much

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