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  • Is Google Play Service Free and Can i do Leaderboard with C2

    i was reading this article

    At the time of this writing, the real benefit of Google Play Game Services to developers lay in the leaderboard, achievements, and cloud storage APIs. Besides being fully platform independent, these services drive user engagement and promote "stickiness." These are some of the high-level functions supported by the APIs.

    Leaderboard API: public and social (friends) scoreboards

    Achievements API: hidden, revealed, locked, and unlocked achievements

    Cloud Storage API: up to 512K with no impact on user, or any size on the user's personal Google drive



    And please wtch this googe forum

    youtube com/watch?v=yCidYLRagJc

    can someone do over this tutorial in ENGLISH

    youtube com/watch?v=iuV2duuUFyk

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