Any good idea for GAMIFICATION ?

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  • Hi

    I'm investigating the use of Construct for GAMIFICATION projects.

    So not real full video games, just small mini games that could be used for a gamification experience

    any hint?

    thanks a lot


  • Hi!

    I think your question is too general. Can you provide a bit more information? What aspects are you investigating of the topic? What kind of projects do you want to use C2 in?

  • You're right.

    My client is a very well known brand in his sector. With several decades years market presence and ranked in the top 10 of worldwide players in his market.

    The problem is that clients associate his brand to what they were decades ago and not what they are now.

    Beside that, their marketing has been quite boring during the last years, so they want to revamp it.

    The goal is to reposition them as a modern player. They indeed are already so but it's not easy to demonstrate.

    Hopefully gamification will help. Simple games, quiz, puzzles, memory are the first choice but I'm looking for something cooler...... and maybe a developer that could help us with it

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  • It really depends on the brand itself.

    If it was Coca Cola, i'd go for something "young" and energetic, for example, a "runner" game of a surfer that rides the coca cola logo lines (obviously randomly changing to create a challenge, but where the general aesthetic would remain).

    For something like a vodka brand, i'd go for something that blends real life with the game, or in short, a mobile based party drinking game. (I created something like that for a Pub chain which involved "forcing" interaction of the players with the pub clients).

    In short, the possibilities are endless and essentially depends on the brand, the target market (Kids, Teenagers, Young adults, etc..) and the desired commercial message.

  • It's a Technology Service provider.

    Very different but at the same time similar, think like Microsoft that need to reposition the brand away from MS Office straight into the Cloud.

  • Heh, i can see why you struggle then. if you don't want to reveal the company's name in public, you can PM me and i'll see what ideas i can come up with...

  • 3-letters client? nice...

    Your question is if Construct 2 can be used to develop the games, not game ideas, right? Then yes, it can be used.

  • aha! I know what you're think about Cassianno, but sorry not, it's not three letters unfortunately. It's 5

    It's in the automotive electronic sector, but this is quite irrelevant.

    Easy to think about some driving minigame but it's too obvious and they want to have a unconventional approach, so whatever is car-oriented is not liked.

    But you're all right, without the name of the company is not easy. Let's say that the closest competitor you all know is tom-tom, but my client is a lot older....

  • The target market is also very important...

    Even though they didn't want car-oriented games, For kids, i'd ambitiously go for a Procedurally generated VR driving experience.

    The kid in his backseat wear a mobile VR (Gear, Google Cardboard) and "drive" (The driving is actually done according to the real life driving. as the car steers, the game steers etc...) through an infinite procedurally generated landscape. on top of that it's quite easy to add small interaction stuff like items to collect or animals running near/in front of the vehicle.

    This might sound like something totally out of skill or budget, but it's not that difficult since we're not talking No Man's Sky levels of generation here, just a simple terrain generation and relatively cheap model packs.

    That isn't possible with construct 2 though, so you will have to migrate to Unity or Unreal Engine.

  • I imagine you're looking at Construct 2 because of the opportunity it provides for short development times and easy publication to the web or mobile platforms. To see what quality of work the community is capable of, I would recommend looking through the "Top Games" section of the Scirra arcade. If you want to partner with a Construct 2 developer, you will probably have the most luck in the “Game Development” subforum.

    Scirra Arcade’s Top Games

    Game Development Subforum

    The forum moderators have more experience and probably know better what sort of information you are interested in, so you may also want to talk to one of them.

    zenox98, anything to add?

  • calebbennetts

    scouting the top game develop in arcade will not help him at all.


    better commission it on other gateways that have also c2 programmers with high rating/delivery and quality work. why top games in arcade section wont help? because they are in top based on views, and votes (stars) do not count. outside the 1st 10 games there rest are really low spec games with some sort of high views (not sure why they have passed over 10k views). And if you really have a big client(i wold understand the project its in sum of 4 digits), then do not be stingy get yourself a paid programmer and a graphic artist, and get a quick quality demo to show, even if its in auto-driving category, if looks good they will like it even if it is automatically denied as you said. its all about presentation, then comes functionality. but you should know this already.

    as an idea for you to wrap your mind around it, if they are similar to tom-tom as services, then then do something with the gameplay around a live map, if they are in the car manufacturing, then you can create some type of car engine puzzle 3dish preferable.

  • Yeah, Construct is the platform I want to use for this project.

    We already have Unity devs in-house but for this small things the dev time is too longo on Unity.

    I'll check the Dev Subforum in search of ideas and freelancers.

    Thanks a million


  • the problem is that right now I can't send MP to devs because my reputation is still <500

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