Any good game video capture that's fast for C2?

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  • I used to rely on fraps to capture the screen directly off a Chrome preview, for simpler games that seems to be fine, particular ones that do not use much WebGL shaders.

    But with a more complex game, the frame rate tanks very hard, the capture is very choppy. I know some of you guys have mentioned this to be an issue, but was it resolved by using a better screen capture software (that you've tried)?

  • I use open broadcaster, it´s a software you can use for twitch and stuff, to stream your games. It also generates super fluent, non watermarked, high resolution FLV videos, you can easily convert to normal video formats

  • Try "Action" you will not see any fps drop.

  • Thank you very much Beaverlicious & A0Nasser

    Both solutions are excellent! Smooth as silk!

  • Thanks for the info!

  • Fantastic thank you! Let me add that when its time to convert try Freemake Video Converter, Suspicious name i know (who uses the word free these days but spamers) but really good software nevertheless.

  • Beaverlicious Thanks! Monumental is right about Freemake Video Converter.I really recommend it with Freemake Audio Converter.

  • OBS for me. It's open source, free, has tons of features, and is the only recorder I've used that can capture 60fps without lagging gameplay.

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  • TiAm


    I've downloaded Open Broadcaster. I'm trying to just capture the inner window of chrome preview but that setting doesn't seem to work and it's capturing the whole thing. Do you or does anyone else know how to just capture the inner window? Most video capture programs have a single click feature where you click on the window.

  • Right now, it's seeming extremely unintuitive, unless I'm experiencing a bug and not realizing it.

  • PSI

    I still use nodewebkit 10.5. I usually preview to that.

    Few things (and instructions):

    1. capturing video at 60fps is demanding. I have a very good processor (i5 3570k), and I still had to tweak my settings to get smooth recording. Resolution makes a big difference; if you don't have a dedicated GPU, you won't be capping smooth gameplay at 1080p60.

    2. There is an option under video that says 'disable aero'. I'd recommend it. Also, I run OBS as 'administrator'. TBH, I forget exactly why, but go ahead and do that too. Otherwise, stick with defaults.

    2a. If you want, you can go under encoding and up your bitrate to 10000 or even 20000, but you might need to back it down later if capping is dropping frames.

    4. First bring up C2. Preview your game with node webkit. Then go to OBS.

    5. First you add a scene. Call it whatever; 'game rec'.

    6. Then you add a source. Don't chose 'Game Capture', instead chose 'Window Capture'.

    7. Configure according to the window below:

    8. Once added, press 'start recording' on the main window, and go play your game. When you are done, stop the recording, open 'file', and then 'open recordings folder'.

    9. Name of the file will be the date and time of recording (24 clock). eg. "2015-05-27-1556-51.mp4".

    Post back if you have any issues.

  • I use OBS as well it works great.

  • PSI

    Yeahh it´s not really intuitive Didn´t use it for some time, but there are step by step tutorials on twitch I guess.

    Why don´t you just crop the video in your editing software btw?

  • TiAm - thank you. I choose "inner window" but it still captures the entire window so maybe it's a glitch with my machine.

  • I still use Fraps, but the problem I have is showing off the video. Only Chrome can do 60fps with youtube, otherwise, it looks very jittery, especially as the character walks across the screen.

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