any good game development/design book along with construct2

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  • Hello, i have been using construct2 for a few days now and i must say it's really far so good.

    Now as i think using the integrated behaviors and plugin won't be enough for the kind of games i am planning to release after i purchase my personal licence, i wish to know what good book i can use to work around with construct2 (game design,AI and javascript programming).

    I ve been making website for 4 years now and i can say i know a bit of JS(intermediate) now am learning the MEAN stack/ionic-cordova-crosswalk approach along with construct2.

  • I don't know any book based on C2 but if someone does, I'm also interested in such document.

  • I am using the "Learning construct 2" book to learn a more in depth tutorial about the software instead of "construct 2 learn by exemple". i made a shooter type game and am pretty amazed about what construct 2 can make in such a short time. What i need now is some ressources about game developpment that i can apply to construct 2 in terms of AI ,game design and such....

  • you can buy my isometric game template and you get my game + assets + isometry & c2 advanced optimizations and usage tutorial, 40 pages of advanced stuff though... and how i build isometry game.

    other then that you can download scirras default tutorial for basics -

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  • thanks ill look into those

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