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  • Hi fellow game designers, I planning to get a new computer and would like to ask you where is the best place to buy a computer for my game designing and whats the comps brand name.

  • heh. depends on your budget and location.

    but usually at computer sales store ? also what do you intend to use for your "game designing"? 3DS? blender? photoshop? are you gonna build 3D games? 2D ? do you use your PC for anything else ? (gaming? net? etc.. music? ) also do you need mobility?

    i'd recommend you get G751/G752 (soon out) laptop - it will hold you safe with performance for next 5years at least, maybe a bit even more. it's price/performance ratio is over the top.

  • If your intent is developing games with construct 2, using an overpowered system could mislead you when running tests.

    Seeing as your system would 'easily' handle anything you designed on it ... whereas a less powerful system might choke on it.

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  • not looking for mobility, just a good desktop computer that can hold lots of memory

  • Depends on your budget ; people have been creating games for decades on computers that were less powerful than a recent mobile phone. It's only a matter of scale and comfort.

    If you can, go for multiple monitors straight from the beginning ; all creative activities (art, design, programming, etc.) benefit a lot from multiple monitors in terms of productivity (develop on one screen, have the documentation opened on another, see the game running on a third, etc.)

  • g751 / g752 is the best notebook you can get for a fair price. 16+gb ram, intel skylake, 980m/980 (yes desktop version in a laptop), 240ssd + 1 tb normal drive. and you get mobility as a bonus.

    i've got mine g751 and it rocks.

    though i agree with lennaert about having a slower system for testing purposes, i can tell you - unless you go crazy particles or heavy pathfinding with shitload of objects - no worries.

    also if you're going mobile, buy s3/s4, and iphone 4-5 to test. because newer ones will work DOH.

    oh yeah and

    p.s. next week i'm gonna give a template to a PC game (sellable on scirra store) but i'll link the game's play so people can test their PCs / smartphones / whatever on my game. more on that next week.

  • Yeah it's best to have a good machine for developing and a crappy laptop or something for testing. I am currently developing on an HP Omen laptop (got it for 30% is awesome.)

    If you want a desktop you should build your own. It's not as complicated as it seems and will save you a lot of money. I usually get my parts from Newegg and Amazon.

    If you insist on buying pre-built, I've heard to avoid those cheapo "gaming" brands like ibuypower and cyberpower or whatever. Check out Digital Storm or Origin.

  • thanks guys this helps, im looking forward to it

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