Good Alternatives to C2 Built-In Multiplayer System?

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  • Hello everyone. I'm interested in alternatives to Construct 2's built-in multiplayer system. As many of you know, the current system has its downfalls:

    It has limited support. WebRTC is, at the moment, only supported by some browsers and mobile systems. This doesn't make it completely unusable, but still, if it supported more platforms, it would be a lot better.

    It is unreliable. In the process of developing my multiplayer games in Construct 2, I have seen numerous instances of people who could not connect to a game, or who were kicked out of a game the minute it started. These people could run many other multiplayer games just fine. This is clearly a big problem.

    Its functionality is limited. As good as the plugin is for basic multiplayer functions, it is not great in terms of features. For example, its peer-to-peer system makes public games hard to host. Also, (as far as I know) no information about an open room is available to players unless they are in the room. Thus, the system requires workarounds to be effective.

    I have looked at Photon as an alternative system, but their prices are way over-the-top for an average indie developer with no funding. I also know multiplayer systems using Firebase exist, but nothing about them or how to create one.

    If you happen to know a good alternative, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks.

  • Bump - I'm sure many developers who are serious about developing multiplayer games in C2 want to know this.

  • Photon cloud is very good. Try it out. Very easy to use

  • I'm using Photon since I heard that the built in Multiplayer was buggy and it was a peer-to-peer model. I wanted an always-on solution. The problem I have with Photon is the lack of support/documentation on using it. The two tutorials provided aren't very clear to me. Let me know how you get on!

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  • I will definitely try out Photon, thanks. Do you guys know if they charge for usage of the plugin, or just their servers?

  • I will definitely try out Photon, thanks. Do you guys know if they charge for usage of the plugin, or just their servers?

    Just the servers, But the free tier allows up to 20 concurrent users and 500 messages per second if you are using their cloud server, If you get the onpremise free server, you are allowed to have unlimited messages and 100 concurrent users and 40,000 monthly actives

    Monthly Active Users (MAU)
    We assume, as rule of thumb and based on our experience, 1 CCU to match 20 daily active users (DAU).	Each DAU translates to 20 monthly actives (MAU).[/code:2p73upyv]
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