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  • I'm pulling my hair out here a bit :). I have a global sprite on my title screen to mute sound. When the leave the layout and then come back, the sprite is invisible. It still works, I can click on it and it functions, it's just not visible.

    Is this a bug, or something I am doing wrong? The initial visibility is set to True. I've tried setting visible to true on layout start, it stays invisible.



  • Figured it out. I had to set it to MOVE TO TOP and it's there.

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  • It's still good you posted and answered a simple mistake like this.

    I wonder if it would be beneficial to create a separate forum topic for posts like these.

    I think I may post relevant simple mistakes when I start my next game.

  • Well it was throwing me off because I could still click it which made be believe it was invisible and not at the bottom of the z-order. I like your idea :)

  • When I would program to the point I'm exhausted, I'd do many dumb things. For example, I would be updating a function and never seeing the results.

    Well, I was updating the wrong function, one I kept for reference and never called.

    Another time I was plugging away and again, not seeing results. I was compiling the newer version but running an older version. Ugh!

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