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  • Did anyone else pump out a C2 game at the GGJ? I was participating in San Francisco. I posted my game here:

    The game is a little unfinished, things got bad in the last hour. I will update the page with a link soon. I made it in a phone form factor, so with some tweaking this week, I plan on releasing it in as many places as possible.

    Basically the premise is you are a giant worm and noisy neighbors are screwing up your apartment. Before you loose your security deposit, you have to eat them all.

    Game Jam Breakdown.

    Day One: Ideas. The theme of the Game Jam this year was literally a thumping sound. Like a heart. No pictures, no video, just the sound. Many people did games about hearts, like punching a hard, falling out of love, etc. I interpreted it as the thumping of people walking above you, if were covered in dirt.

    Day Two: Jammin. We did the bulk of the work on the second day, I stayed up until 4am just fixing things as much as possible.

    Day Three: Presenting. We presented our pieces and I realize when others play the game, that I am terrible at finding bugs myself...

    All in all, it was a blast!

    Without C2, I would not have been able to do ANYTHING.

  • It seems interesting! Great job in GGJ2013 :)

    I was participating in Taiwan.

    We make a game with construct 2 ,too.

    Here is our team's page.

    It a game about a man bitten by a snake , so he must hurry running to hospital before die.

    The game we made have only finish in spec but have no balance, I will try to update it this week .:)

    Construct 2 is really easy to learn.

    In our team only I have ever use Construct 2 , other 5 menbers are new in it. And we finish a game with it in 3 Days !:)

  • Here's our one from New Zealand:

    It's basically a McPixel party game. You'll need an xbox 360 controller to play.

  • Here is ours!

    Great framework for speed building games

  • lol I just posted in the 2012 topic by mistake. Deleted it already, but if you saw that topic resurrect itself and then die again, that'd be why. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Here's my game, called Instinct. It was made by a team of 4, but... well, functionally, a team of 2. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle"> I did all the art and programming and a chunk of writing, and the other guy did the rest of the writing. Here's the official description:

    Detective Marty has to solve the murder of his former partner Matches, with the help of his heart -- that is, his partner's heart. Utilize the supernatural power of the snarky, still-beating heart to find evidence, interrogate suspects, and discover the truth behind your partner's ill-fated demise

    Controls: A to walk left, D to walk right.

    Hover mouse over objects to see how to can interact. A speech bubble with an exclamation mark means you can talk to the person, a magnifying glass means you can examine the object, and a heart icon means the heart can tell you something about it. Left click to perform the action.

    Right click puts away and takes out the heart, once you've found it.

    The heart will beat faster as you approach something that it can tell you about.

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  • Heres my game, Taken.

    You control a alien, and must escape from the spaceship controlling his heart beats.

  • Mines here: Blip

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