Giddy about the Ouya export

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  • This review seems pretty fair, and he talks about latency issue.

  • Kyatric

    oh yes, support :( support is massive hit favouring miss. Some people get support quickly, most people get support very slowly. I would lean that there support is slow, but it is there.

    Same with Ouya staff on the forums. Only the Unity Ouya staff have a resonable response time. The other Ouya forum staff are just so slow and barely responsive. I don't like Ouya support right now. Maybe I'm just spoiled by C2.

    I started the RMA process for my controller as it has the axis deadzone problem. 2.5 weeks for the RMA response and form to fill. With my first email being ignored. As a hint, don't use a gmail account. I'm not sure but I get the feeling that gmail accounts are filtered. I ended up using my barely used buisness email which got a response. even there auto resonse didn't work with my gmail account :(

    the very early Kickstarter backers got a lot more lemons. I have no idea if this continues to persist strongly with retails version.

    I'm also hesitent if backer versions should be reviewed as a final release. Movies are usually not reviewed unti it's finished release. Though how it was released was just asking for bad media. However, it is what it is.

    I think the sum of "cheap console" is the best opinion of it. I think if the software also favoured a lot more media options. netflix, hulu, so on so forth with a controller that supported it. I think it could have gone a lot better. Focusing on just games is expecting a lot of comparison of game expectations. I think some really good games will come out for the Ouya, but will take some times.

  • Personally the OUYA is the next XBLIG.

  • I am incredibly excited about using construct 2 to make ouya games, great news that ludei and scirra have it working with controller spporr an all, how much longer until before we can use it too :)

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  • Personally the OUYA is the next XBLIG.

    Nah it's not really.

    First Xbox has a good number of users. 20-30 million. So introducing indie games on the 360 has a lot of users. Ouya has maybe 200k. I doubt Ouya has a million yet.

    MS has VERY strict requirements which removes the idea that games on 360 are indie. yes they are indie, but the polish required is full usually AAA.

    Ouya has no additional entry cost, and the requirements are fairly low.

  • Had mine for last 2 weeks, no noticeable controller lag for me with the controller.

    Only real performance issue I've had is with Shadowgun demo. Fluctuating fps etc, but I suppose it was running at 1080p.

    Looking forward for C2 support :D

  • I own an Ouya and I'd love to help test out any support / export features for construct 2. I have a developer license for C2 as well. I have not experienced the lag that has been talked about and I'm using the stock controller that comes with the Ouya. Played it for several hours last week and there was no 'cumulative" lag that I could see.

  • What ever happened to this? Anything? Is there any Ouya support?

  • PhoneGap with FastCanvas and the Ouya Plugin is the only option at this time.

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