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  • Hey guys I've had the personal Construct2 license for almost a year now, and I just tried to download Construct2 to a new laptop I got and all I get is the Free Edition...I am downloading it logged onto my account.

    Is there somewhere specific I gotta download it or something I need to do? This is urgent...

  • You need the license file, it should be in your directory in your old computer. If you've lost it, I'm sure Tom can sort you out.

  • what type of file is it?

  • It's the same download for free or personal versions, you don't get a different download.

    You need to install the licence file (c2licence.txt) you were provided in an appropriate location -- either in your Construct 2 install directory or in My Documents -- and then re-start Construct2.

    Either find the original email, or copy the file from your older computer. If you can't locate it you could send an email to the support email address with your details.

  • If you had gotten it recently you could get it from your purchase history in your account online. But it sounds like you do need to contact Scirra.

    It's a 1k text file with your name, email, timestamp and hash.

    I keep mine in a private Dropbox folder, so I can get it easily if my laptop or other machine need, they don't get updated often.

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  • aroh me found mine (c2licence.txt) in my original email when i purchased Construct 2 for the first time, you should find it in your inbox.

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