Just Now Getting 'Aw Snap' Error in Chrome

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  • hi,

    All of a sudden I am getting an "Aw, Snap" error in Chrome 42.0.2311.90 I have not made any significant changes in my game recently.

    Any suggestions on how to look into what is causing it? it doesn't give me any messages other than the "Aw, Snap"

    I was using Canary and saw this message a few months ago, but I thought it was just because Canary is always in dev mode and they mentioned there could be errors.


  • Anything in the developer console?

  • jobel

    not really enough info to debug your issue. What plugins do you use, what obscure functionality, at what point does the error occur, etc.

  • QuaziGNRLnose I was just asking where do I start looking to find the problem...I've never used the dev console. Will it give me info after the 'Aw Snap' error? That screen gives no info, only a Reload button which would restart the game.

    I have to let the game run a bit before I get the error (game crashing error).. it's hard to reproduce, but it happens every time I play it. About to test with Node next.. feels like a memory thing.

    I've been using the same plugins for the past year - nothing new. I updated to r200 a month ago or so.. everything has been fine.

    The only new implementation is a bunch of array logic (2 different arrays).. but the error does not coincide with the timing of when that code is executed. Although maybe it's a degenerative thing? I just want to know where to start looking! 'Aw, Snap' messages suggest I have malware or some firewall issue but it's obviously not that.

  • I did find an error in my array... haven't been able to reproduce the problem so far. I hope that was it.

    Does anyone know if an invalid array reference could cause an "Oh Snap" crash page trigger?

    still testing...

    EDIT: I was mistaken, there was no array reference error.. but I played the entire game in the debugger and got no AwSnap in the usual place.

  • It's not normally possible for web content to crash Chrome. It means Chrome is failing, not your game. I'd suspect a graphics issue since that is normally most common, is your driver up to date?

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  • Thanks Ashely, at least that's reassuring. gpu driver is up to date. However, I am no longer getting the error. I didn't do anything to fix it. Could it have been a corrupt session?

    I noticed when I was testing it, it was in Preview mode, and the Preview Browser setting was (default) which seems to open up another tab in the Chrome if it is already running on the system. I was consistently (4 times in a row) getting the Aw, Snap crash after about 10-12 minutes of play. Then I specified "Chrome" in the Preview Browser setting which seems to start another instance of Chrome (not a new in the current Chrome that is open). And I didn't get the error. Since rebooting the computer I haven't been able to reproduce the error in (default) mode. Hope it was just a glitch.


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