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  • Hello there,

    I'm mrsponkie, early adopter of construct2 and owner of, the italian blog.

    When i discovered for the first time C2 it was amazing. I have made a couple of games and tried it on my iPhone 3gs, unfortunately they where very slow and i got many critics from my friends. For this reason i decided to got a pause from C2 and try to improve other projects.

    As i probably just explained, i am social manager and seo specialist, so it's not my "core business" to built app games. Make games it's just an hobby, but my dream is to make an iPhone app and see it on the Apple Store. I don't have time and skills to learn programming and objective-c, also i don't have a Mac, but this isn't a problem at the moment. If i want i can switch this issue. The main problem for me it's the real performance of C2. I decided to retire for a while and wait the C2 improvements. Now i come here again and i ask, after a couple of month, is the situation changed? is now possible to make iPhone apps? are there users who have succeeded to make iPhone apps?



  • Hi mrsponkie,

    as a fellow italian user I'll spend some word about this issue.

    I'm the only one to have an app (not properly a game, more an education tool) on the appstore made with c2 (link)link, I'm also in the process of finishing another game.

    That being said, since the last time something has changed, code has been optimized for mobile and there is (finally) an option for having retina graphics.

    That being said we are still a long way to achieve decent performance. My latest game ha been optimized to insane levels, and still I get fps drops that go as low as 5 (from steady 30fps), all this with phonegap.

    I find that the issue with mobile here is that Ashley is betting on AppMobi and CoocoonJS that are both canvas accelerator (and work very well in that regard), the problem is that AppMobi is pushing its own services (so no plugins) and CoocoonJS is having clearly problems to get published on the appstore, and still a long way from an online building service. In the end it's a good commercial choice because most of the people here do not have a mac and don't want to fiddle with code, but this will limit c2 games to unprofessional games, as for example there is no support for game center in neither of those solution, while with phonegap (compiled by you with plugins) is currently possible.

    As I see it, as of today, if you want to publish a professional game on the appstore (with gamecenter, iAP, iADS and modern monetization solution) the ONLY way is to use PhoneGap in xCode, and you have to get your hand dirty in code to optimize PhoneGap a little. I mantain that PhoneGap is the way to go as the sourcecode is publicly available and there is a lot of room for customization, if someone could add DirectCanvas support to phonegap we could have a real mobile solution.

  • Yeah you need a Physical Mac or you can rent a virtual mac... Then use CocoonJs. If you have any questions feel free to PM me...

  • PM sent HappyJackie

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  • I am working on making Construct2 work with Ejecta. So far a was able to get a primitve C2 game that displays text, moves a box with 8-dir behaviour and touch input ( The nice thing with Ejecta is that it is open source and has some GameCenter support already, so in theory you could add your own JS bindings/plugins using Objective-C.

    Performance-wise is about the same as directcanvas.

    Best of all, vikerman is working on adding webgl support to Ejecta. If people help him, he might be able to complete the webgl implementation.

  • Yeah you need a Physical Mac or you can rent a virtual mac... Then use CocoonJs. If you have any questions feel free to PM me...

    If u export from a mac with cocoonjs, you get better performance than using phonegap?

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