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  • Hi

    I understand the differences in layouts and layers.

    Is there a general rule of thumb when to use one or the other.

    Personally I prefer layers because hiding them seems to be much easier than swopping between layers but that might just be me.

    It also raise the question when and where I should use "abstraction"

    I can put items in folders, separate items with layers or layouts. Use global vars etc.

    I know there are some general developer guidelines on this but has anyone made a list for Construct?

    Also hiding layers VS swopping layouts. Single event sheets VS sheet per layout.


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  • Layers still exist in the scope of game logic. Turning off a layer does not exclude logic processing, collision etc.

    Layers should be used for visual distinction and parallaxing

    Layout should be used for gameplay distinction.

    Major screen changes

    different levels

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