Any games on Windows 8 phone?

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  • Hey guys

    just wondered if anyone knows of any games or anyone that's published a Windows 8 phone game yet?

    Or for that matter any published appstore games for the iPhone?

    Just want to buy a couple to see how good the performance is?

  • Our Windows Phone version of Mortar Melon is nearly done. Here's a video to get an idea of performance, running on lowest spec Windows Phone 8 device, the 820.

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    We've still got some performance optimisations to clear up a couple of bits of lag. Generally though, performance is great.

  • Nice, great game by the way. Is this packaged with CocoonJS? So, if there were zero performance issues, the user would have no idea that the game is not native?

  • Thanks. This is just exported using the Construct 2 Windows Phone exporter (plus some extra functionality in a plugin I'm building). I haven't worked with CocoonJS yet.

    When I iron out the last few performance issues, I see no reason why the user would know it wasn't native. I think on Android, due to fragmentation, it maybe more obvious.

  • Cool nice work.

  • Hi thehen, how's your cool plugin going? I received my HTC8X yesterday, so am ultra keen to start making games on it <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi EyeHawk, it's going well now. I've fallen behind schedule as handling audio has been a mission.

    So far I have:

    • Windows Phone App Detection
    • On back
    • On activated
    • On deactivated
    • Quit app
    • Show message box
    • Vibrate
    • Update flipped tile
    • Play WAV sound (necessary for overlapping audio)
    • Play WAV music (necessary for proper handling of user-playing music)


    • On return from tombstone
    • Looping sfx

    In preparation for the plugin I recommend you prepare WAV copies of your audio and create a PlaySound and PlayMusic function, which you use to control all audio. The Windows Phone plugin has to handle audio completely separately to the audio plugin, so this looks to be the best way to make it manageable.

    Also, webfonts do not work. Response from Microsoft engineers:

    Engineering response: This is a known issue, the only workaround we know is to host the fonts on a remote server (making sure to bypass the single origin policy issue) and perhaps use AppCache to keep the font files locally on the device.

    Also I'm taking any requests for additional functionality if you can think of anything.

  • Great work thehen! Thanks for your help with this <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Is there any chance of getting In Game Purchases or MS Pubcenter integration like with the Metro plugin for iunkn?

    Also just a general question: I did a simple export and am trying to change the screen orientation.

    I changed the MainPage.xml :


    But the screen is vertically offset by half a screen when I previewed on my phone, so I end up only seeing the top half of it.

    Is there a proper way of doing that?

  • Awesome work! I also got myself Lumia 920 and can't wait to start messing around with C2 and WP8.

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  • Yep, see here:

    Zomg in-game purchases and pubcenter. Okay, I'll add those to the list, they may come a little later though. I've actually built a much more advanced pubcenter plugin for Windows 8 but haven't had time to release it yet.

    Regarding fonts, I can confirm this plugin is a working alternative:

  • thehen, that's cool IAPs, IGAs are just bonuses - if we can make working, MS certifiable games with sound, then that is simply legendary in my book already <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Just a quick note - for those of you creating Windows games or want to get started you may find this YouTube videos helpful. It walks through how to configure, export and build your Scirra game for Windows 8.


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