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  • I need an idea for I make a game of this type.


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  • Differential calculus platformer

  • Perhaps a html5 "gears" (i didn't find it in html5 but exists in shockwave version) ... sure it could be great and you could use C2 logo as "gear" for advertising ;-p

    A turning gear is displayed sometimes for a "working brain" ;-p => good concept !, but perhaps for you : mind = memory game which is quite different.

  • Differential calculus platformer

    Why differential? IMO integral makes a far more interesting platformer.

  • talca1991

    We don't really know anything about your experience developing games or using C2. I would start with something relatively simple and well known like a variation of Mastermind (aka deduction) or Simon (memory game, play back the music notes) or Rush Hour (a car puzzle game). It makes it easier for people to help you because they know what the game is. When finished, if you are happy with the result, share it on the arcade as an example game for others to learn from.

    Then go for a more unique game.

  • kittiewan I don't know anything about calculus, I just thought of the mathiest term that came to mind ;)

  • I don't know what kind of game you should make, but I've got a great name:

    "Don't mind me!"

  • sqiddster

    Really? I was sure I'd heard of that game someplace...Oh. My bad. I was thinking of deferential and integral caucuses--some sort of fantasy no doubt. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I got a great idea. It's called "My Game".

    It's a game that you create from your own sources of inspiration and determination of creating an unique piece that doesn't need others to tell you what to do.

    Also it would include sombre piano music, slow insightful text, silhouette characters against bright backgrounds and pretentious suicide ending. :)

  • A great adventure game about an invisible man, crossing many invisible platforms and invisible traps, kill invisible enemies to save an invisible princess.

  • Hasuak i like your game concept ! ... I have another game concept ... a multiplayer game ... you are on a forum the objective is to make quick and dirty posts not loosing too much time and make other player react and loosing time. The best tactic is to create some posts requesting for help or ideas and never look at answers ... everyone can find is own tactics but is better asking others explaining there own for scoring ! ...

  • naelian

    Hey, I think we are getting somewhere with this. A breakthrough indie game about all the not-promising-all-pretentious indie games together. A game about making a game that you haven't planned at all and just ask others for ideas and come up with something that hundred others have already made.

    I'm riiiiiiich~!

  • Get a note and a pen near your bed, everytime you wake up from a dream or nightmare, write and draw everything you can remember down. Then maybe you'll have a great idea for your new game.

  • Par de estupidos, he creado tantos juegos que ahora como desafio pido ideas, porque mis propias ideas son muy faciles. No me voy a dar la paja de traducirles este texto, densela ustedes par de idiotas ... for those who gave me a friendly ideas thank you very much except the last 2 are a couple of idiots

  • Wow, i gave you my unique ideas and you call me idiot? Thanks so much.

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