How are games impacted with platform features?

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  • Hi guys,

    Is there any impact in creating games for multiple platforms with Scirra? Are they features that will only work on one plaform and no the other, or is Scirra designed in a way that it only offers features that are accessible to all platforms supported?


  • Hi Magnatolia,

    Scirra is the company, not the product. The Authoring system is called Construct2.

    The biggest concern when developing for multiple platforms is to keep things as optimized as possible and to constantly test on at least the weakest platform to make sure you've not exceeded its limitations.

    There are plenty of articles and tutorials on how to make sure you keep things optimized, but unfortunately I don't have time to find them for you. Hopefully someone else can give you more pointers and perhaps point you to some useful links.



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  • The developers of Construct 2 do their best to ensure that the features offered work for as many platforms as possible.

    But, each platform has additional features that you can add specifically for that platform. For example, when I export games to Windows 8, I detect whether or not the screen is in the snapped or full-screen mode, which no other platforms have.

    When you try to add objects to a layout, there is a special section dedicated to only platform-specific features. You will have to add a plugin in order to use them.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Most other plugins/features you can assume works for all platforms, but you should definitely test everything before publishing.

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