Gamepad Z-axis (Z rotate) NOT WORK

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  • hello any here. In NOW i see big problem on all PS2 (dualshock) gamepads and playstation gamepad clons. Right stick(pad) not work up-down - this is Z-axis and Z rotate motion. In Gamepad plugin no zAxis check and etc. On x360 gamepad all correctly!

    Ashley please check it.

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  • this is not an issue or bug

    PlayStation Dual-shock controllers use different mapping to Xbox/(Standard).

    I think right stick y is index 5 or 7 for dualshock

    I cant remember what the mapping is but it is in a different order to xbox/standard mapping

    you can find them all yourself by making a text box on the screen and updating it every tick with

    "Axis 1-"&Axis(0, 1)&newline&

    "Axis 2-"&Axis(0, 2)&newline&

    "Axis 3-"&Axis(0, 3)&newline&


    "Axis 7-"&Axis(0, 7)&newline&


    and do the same for the buttons.

    then run the game and you will be able to see what index each dualshock control is mapped to

    you should still keep mapping for xbox/standard joypad though as this is what most windows users joypads will be mapped to.

    If you want the ability to use dual shock then you should program some type of user option to switch between xbox/standard and dualshock mappng

  • this is not an issue or can find them all....

    Yes. I know about it. I want tell it and hope dev make default playstation map for stock plugin

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