GamePad support for Windows 8 Store apps

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  • I am working on a game that is close to finishing. So far the GamePad works great on every machine I have tried it on as long as it is running in a browser. As soon as I export the game to a Windows 8 app the game doesn't recognize any input from the controller. Is there a good way to get the GamePad object to work in the Win8 app? Is there something I am missing in my setup. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Microsoft don't support GamePads in Internet Explorer (which is also used to run HTML5 Win8 apps). There's nothing we can do to fix it. You need to ask Microsoft to add support!

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  • The most popular Operating systems in the wold that boasts vast amounts of hardware support.

    The most popular controller for the PC.

    The only people who support the controller in their OS and browsers are their biggest competitors? (Google, and GNU Linux)

    The irony... It makes my eyes burn.

    This is good information. I was going to make an Xbox 360 controller exclusive game for web browsers. Guess I will take a little extra time and add the keyboard bindings too.

    Also tells me that I should buy a copy of windows 8 for testing stuff, before I go "all out" on a full game project. I assumed the "Apps" where executable files, not web-apps.

    Thanks for the "Heads up" :)

  • In my searching I found this:

    Apparently to make the apps work with the Xbox controller you need to use the C++ library and call it in your Javascript. They give some instructions on how to do it. I will work on it to see if I can get it to work.

    If it is possible I may work on a plugin for Construct 2. If not I will post instructions on how to get it working. Thanks everyone!

  • It seems gamepad supports in windows 8.1 anyone tested it?

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