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  • So I was thinking of making a little game like TowerFall (multiplayer battle game) when I realized...C2 doesn't really have gamepad support nor can it distinguish different input devices, correct? How would one go about this?

  • Use gamepad Index each sprite player.

    If your specificed gamepad doesn't support, please report to chrome bug page in following instruction.

    Paste the output in a new bug, they'd be happy to add support in future versions of Chrome.

    They have to add each specificed DirectInput gamepads.

  • The gamepad object doesn't detect my gamestop xbox 360 controller nor my PS2 controller... Also GamepadID returns a string with manufacturer and model..what about the controller number (1-4)? Doesn't look like this is ready to use yet :T Also it doesn't look like you can arm key codes with a gamepad either..hrrrgg.

  • It's mapping problem, you should report to Chromium bug page. I've tested other gamepads worked like charm in html5 games.

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  • Is there a list of currently supported gamepads?

  • I've tested with both the 360 controller and a PS2 generic controller using x360ce (which emulates a 360 joystick) and both worked just fine.

    Controller number is 0-3, not 1-4. Maybe that's your problem?

  • Is there a list of currently supported gamepads?

    They didn't publish a list, it must be small list of generic gamepads because different countries offer unique gamepads that Chromium developers can't access to gamepads, it's bad due to DirectInput gamepad.

  • You just need to practice with the plugin more, it's pretty easy to do this stuff.

  • Rofl. It's not like it's difficult. It just doesn't pick up any of my *totally standard and commonly used* gamepads that all of my machines & everything else have for the past 10+ years, so I haven't been able to test it at all. Doesn't seem reliable in any way.

  • Make sure the right drivers are installs. Since MS makes the 360 the controller is supported by default. However PS2/3, and many of the others likely require either custom drivers or other support.

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